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About Seguro Childcare

Experienced childcare, exceptional people. 

Seguro Childcare are registered to provide childcare aged 3 to 8 years in our infant club and up aged 9-11 years in our Junior club.

Our opening times are 7.30 until 09.00 am and 15.00 until 18.00 pm on weekdays, during term time and 7.30 am until 18.00 pm during school holidays. We are registered with Ofsted.

We are based at Newfold Primary School, and our infant club is situated in the Nursery building, where we have different areas for snacks, crafts, construction, creative play, sand and water, film watching, and book reading.  The junior club is in Miss Bennett's classroom in the junior building.

We have access to a lovely outdoor play area with lots of opportunities for physical, Imaginative and creative play.


Mission & Vision

  • Seguro Childcare aims to provide high quality childcare within a warm and welcoming environment. 

  • The individuality of each child in our care will be respected and nurtured.


Aims and objectives

Seguro Childcare aims to:

  • Offer an inclusive service, accessible to all children from Newfold Primary school and St James RC Primary school

  • Ensure each child feels happy, safe and secure, allowing them to learn and develop freely in a play centred environment

  • Encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and their actions

  • Encourage children to develop positive attitudes and respect for themselves and others, in an environment free from bullying and discrimination 

  • Provide a wide range of resources and equipment which can be used under safe and supervised conditions

  • Offer a programme of activities which meets the needs of each child, promoting their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, enabling them to become confident, independent and co-operative individuals

  • Work in partnership with parents to provide high quality play and care 

  • Review and evaluate our services to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of children in our care and those of their parents or carers

  • Keep parents and carers informed about changes in the administration of the Club and to listen and respond to their views and concerns 

  • Communicate effectively with parents and carers, and to discuss experiences, progress and any difficulties that may arise

  • Employ experienced, well trained staff and offer them appropriate support

  • Comply with the Children’s Act 1989, the Childcare Act 2006, and all other relevant legislation

  • Work in partnership with Wigan’s children and young peoples services.

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