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A Parent’s Guide to Supporting an Autistic Child

You might be wondering how to support an Autistic child after that initial diagnosis. Here are a few tips to help you understand more about Autism and what it means for you and your child,

The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to make informed decisions for your child. Find out about what the diagnosis means and how you can support them both at school and at home. Talk to your GP, your child’s pediatrician, their teacher or the SENDCo at their school. You know your child better than anyone else and need to work in partnership with the others involved in their care.

Learn what triggers their challenging or disruptive behaviour. What can you and others do to make things better? What does your child find stressful or frightening? What do they enjoy doing? If you understand what affects your child, you’ll be better at helping them to overcome problems. Make sure that any trigger points are avoided, as far as possible

Being Autistic is part of who your child is; it is part of their uniqueness and identity. Love and acceptance is the key to them living a happy and successful life. Life with children can bring challenges but with acceptance, patience and encouragement an Autistic child will thrive and, just like everyone else, they will grow up and develop their own individual abilities.

Make sure that you develop a good network of people around you who can support you and your child. Make time for yourself, take time to relax and be with friends and do something that you enjoy. Taking care of yourself is not an indulgence, it’s essential. If you are emotionally strong, you can be the best parent possible to your child.

You don’t have to! There are many places that you can contact for advice, a helping hand, advocacy and support. Go online to see what is available in your area and give them a ring. Talking to other parents with an Autistic child can help you to share concerns, get tips and just offer moral support

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