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Welcome to our new blog; we understand the increase in cost has had and will continue to impact families across the UK. Taking the family out can often feel like an impossible task, with the cost of entry to places and money simply not stretching far enough. We have put together some FREE/extremely low-cost days out with the child in Wigan. ENJOY 😃

1. Haigh Woodland Park - a beautiful park with playgrounds, mini golf, and a miniature railway. 2. Museum of Wigan Life - a great place to learn about the town's history. 3. Wigan Library - offers free children's story time sessions and other activities.

4. Mesnes Park - a lovely park with a playground, ornamental gardens, and a lake.

5. Wigan Steam Rally - an annual event showcasing vintage steam engines and machinery.

6. Wigan Roller Rink - offers free skating lessons for children on Fridays. 7. Wigan Youth Zone - a youth club with free activities and facilities for children aged 8-19. 8. Wigan Archaeological Society - offers free archaeological walks and talks for children. 9. Wigan Council's Family Days Out - offers free or discounted entry to local attractions and events for families. 10. Wigan Athletic Football Club - offers free football coaching sessions for children aged 5-11. Do you have any other fantastic days out that we have not included? COMMENT BELOW AND SHARE.

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